Supporting service members and their families with

Association of the United States Army

Founded in 1950, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) has a mission to honor and support all those who have served. They were looking to offer a fully paid-for benefit that could genuinely enrich the wellbeing of members.

Supporting the military community with free legal services

In 2022 the AUSA partnered with Epoq to provide its members with access to essential legal documents such as wills, healthcare directives and powers of attorney, as well as many other personal and business-related legal documents.

AUSA members were given access to LawAssure – an Epoq service that uses smart technology to produce high quality, customized legal documents in their own time.

"We are excited to add this new service to our growing list of benefits, as it offers much-needed peace of mind to our members and their families"
Susan Rubel, Director, Association and Affinity Partnerships, AUSA

Simple and accessible to everyone

To use LawAssure, members simply select their legal region and the document they require. Next, they are presented with an interactive questionnaire that interviews them in the same way an attorney would.

Pre-programmed intelligence is used to draft and customize the document in real time, after which the document can be printed and finalized according to the instructions provided. It couldn’t be simpler.

It is imperative that our members have their key legal documents in place for the sake of themselves and their loved ones

Susan Rubel

Director, Association and Affinity Partnerships, AUSA

Protecting what matters most

For the first time, AUSA were able to offer a fully paid for a benefit on behalf of their members, saving them hundreds or even thousands of dollars in legal fees.

“As our lives evolve, so do our legal needs. Wills and other estate planning documents are essential to create and update periodically. Moving in with a partner, having children, marriage, divorce, developing medical conditions, children in the family reaching adulthood and even your well-deserved retirement are all important reasons for doing so.”
Susan Rubel, Director, Association and Affinity Partnerships, AUSA

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