Help your customers protect what matters most

With Epoq, your customers can create important legal documents, contracts, and policies across a range of areas, in minutes.  It’s a welcome value-add that brings your customers essential protection and extra peace of mind.

For life insurers


LawAssure for life insurers gives your policyholders a simple, trusted way to organize their will, power of attorney, healthcare directives and trusts.

Fully personalized and user-friendly, LawAssure helps you add value beyond your core product and saves your customers thousands in unnecessary fees.

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For P & C Insurers

Personal Risk Protection

Our full personal risk protection package helps your policyholders protect everything to do with property and family.

From wills and trusts, builder contracts, documents to sell a car, deal with debt, residential and commercial leases, and lots more.

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For P & C Insurers

Business Risk Protection

Legal can be an enormous expense for small businesses.

Help your SME policyholders organize essential, high-quality documents to become compliant and reduce risk, protecting their business and saving them thousands in legal fees.

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For P & C Insurers

Farm Risk Protection

Legal documents can help your farm customers manage their business and protect their interests.

Our services support farmers with day-to-day legal matters - like creating land and equipment leases, or documents for holding events - as well as lengthier matters, like creating a comprehensive estate plan and deciding who inherits the land, livestock and other assets.

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For affinity groups


Help your members take care of their personal and business legal needs with LawAssure for Affinity groups.

It’s a great way to encourage your members to interact more regularly with their association benefits package, helping to improve loyalty and retention.

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Developed by attorneys and accessible to all

We combine legal expertise with cutting-edge legal technology - the same used by many law firms - to make personalized, high quality, legal documents accessible to anyone.
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